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Paintings of Matt Lamb

Village’s Fair

185 x 175 cm
1996, Oil on canvas

The Artist

188 x 160 cm
1996, Oil on canvas


60 x 60 cm
2002, Oil on canvas

Kids Bunch

60 x 30 cm
1996, Oil on plywood

Green Fairy

120 x 150 cm
2001, Oil on canvas


60 x 60 cm
1996, Mixed media on canvas

Funny Cow

120 x 120 cm
2004, Oil on canvas

Dreaming Lady

75 x 100 cm
1995, Mixed media on canvas

Couple of Farmer

61 x 61 cm
2001, Oil on canvas

Paintings of Matt Lamb

Matt Lamb is considered a shooting star in the international art world. His works are presented in the world’s finest Art Galleries and Museums, auctioned at the finest auction houses all over the world. As a painter, sculptor, philosopher and unstoppable globetrotting dynamo, Matt Lamb was one of the most intriguing, confounding, pigeonhole defying phenomena in contemporary art.
Thanks to the freedom to use materials and colors of contemporary art, critics looking at his Works in the world have found in them traces of the most famous contemporaries: Van Gogh, Picasso, etc.