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IN ART FUND, a Luxembourg based Investment Fund, pioneer in innovative art strategies, focuses on a long-term uncorrelated return through investments in global art collections of a growing number of original artwork by Post War and Contemporary artists, selecting only exceptional painters and sculptors.

in art fund facts

investment strategy

Innovative investment opportunity in art works whose potential growth in value is still unexpressed.
Unique strategy by acquiring global art collection and promoting & marketing the collection in world's finest galleries and museums for a five-year period.
Concentrate in collections of 20th and 21st centuries by selecting artists applying the three following criteria:

  • 50% DeceasedPost War Master Artists
  • 25% High potentialContemporary Artists
  • 25% Young emergingTalents

fund details

  • Domicile


  • Structure

    CL Partnership

  • Fund Currency


  • Launch Date

    May 1st 2020

  • Fiscal Year

    31st December

  • Fiduciary Agent

    Fiduciaire Premier S.A.

  • General Partner


  • AIFM

    AIFMD light regime

  • Fund Advisor

    IN ART S.A.

  • Legal Advisor

    Dechert LLP Avocat

  • Appraiser


  • Storage

    Luxembourg Freeport

  • Bank


  • Subscription Fee

    Up to 4%

  • Management Fee

    2.5% p.a.

  • Performance Fee

    20% (High-Water Mark)

  • Min Investment

    125.000 € - $

  • NAV Calculation


  • Life of the Fund

    5+2 years



  • LU1602083682


  • LU1602083765


  • Domicile: Luxemburg
  • Launching:01/05/2020
  • Fund size: 30 millions € (by 2021)
  • Minimum subscription: 125.000 €/$
  • Annual target: 10-15% return
  • Term: 5+2 years
  • Target size: 50 Million € - 100 Million €

academic council

An advisory committee of independent experts, art academics and scholars from around the world assist the Fund in the selection process. IN ART FUND collaborates whit other 40 leading art galleries and auctioning houses across Europe, USA, Asia, Russia, India and Latin America.

Maximum transparency through a committee of experts (art academics, galleries, foundations, museums) to assist the General Partner in evaluation and selection process.

Serena Baccaglini

Serena Baccaglini graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Padua, and then got a three-year Scientific Specialization course in History of Art. After a Master's degree in Comparative Literature at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) she followed Professor Carlo Pedretti at the University of California (UCLA) in his magical lectures on Leonardo da Vinci, and then took part to the first seminar at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence dedicated to the study of Leonardo's mural painting of the Battle of Anghiari which is believed to be still partially under Vasari's fresco, a project which is still on-going. From 1988 to 2009 she was Head of Arts and Events Division at MRA Srl , of which she is founder. During this period she created and managed cultural events of different nature in Italy and abroad. Her field of expertise is specific about the design, management and organization of the cultural event as efficient tool communication and business strategy. All her works experiences allowed her to develop contacts and experience working with international teams and a special knowledge of companies, their strategies, with the aim of involving them as partners in the construction of the event, using culture as an effective tool in the process of internationalization of the company. All her projects were crucial to build relationships with the most important foundations, public institutions and museums around the world. She is coordinator for the seminars held by Michael Tsur for ASAM (the Association for Business and Managerial Studies at the Sacred Heart Catholic University of Milan). The aim of this three years work in the field of mediation and negotiation is the start in 2013 of the first master in Europe in Negotiation held by Michael Tsur at Catholic University in Milan. She was in the Scientific Committee of the European Master of Technics of Negotiation. Her special field of study and research is ART and BUSINESS with courses in co-teaching with economists ( prof. A. Cioffi) in Catholic University and ART and TOURISM in collaboration and co- teaching with IULM University ( prof. Maurizio Goetz) As journalist since 2007, she has been collaborating with OK Arte , AREA Arte and Madre ( the oldest women magazine of Messaggero group) She has been a Member of the Scientific Committee of the Lucca Centre of Contemporary Art -, art advisor and curator for TINA B, Prague's first Contemporary Art Festival (,and responsible of the Festival for Italy . She organized Tina b special edition at the Biennale di Venezia in 2010 and at Porsche Italia, involving the company in many cultural events. President of Artelling srl , (www. Artelling. It ) society founded for new concepts and projects of art and culture: culture has to be used as the best way to dialogue among different people. She was invited to teach in the Summer courses of Prague University art and economy .

Alla Chilova

Alla Chilova is actually Art historian and Curator of international exhibition projects, expecially in Russia. She partecipated from the 70’s in numerous exhibition projects, from contemporary back to the Russian Avantgarde and Cusbism. Her project curriculum includes the Cubism exhibition in Moscow in the state  TretjakovGallery, awarded in Moscow as the Best exhibition of 2003, or the most recent project: The Power of Pictures, early Soviet photography, in the Early Soviet Film Jewish Museum NY and Jewish Museum of Amsterdam.

Prof. Patricia Pellegrini

Born in the City of Buenos Aires. He spent his childhood in the City of Paraná, Province of Entre Rios, where he attended his primary and secondary studies and attended the School of Visual Arts. Images and memories of this City will appear repeatedly in his work. Already in Buenos Aires he graduated from the National School of Fine Arts "Prilidiano Pueyrredón" in the specialty of painting and of the Superior School of Fine Arts of the Nation "Ernesto de la Cárcova" in the specialty of Graphic Design, Handicraft of the tapestry, Scenography And Clothing. It is perfected in the workshops of Juan Doffo and Emilio Renart. He studied aerography with Jorge Vallerga and History of art with Julio Sánchez. He performs individual, group shows and participates in salons in Argentina, Germany, Spain, Uruguay, USA, Belgium, Chile, Brazil and Luxembourg. In 1986 he presented a workshop: Movement and Color at the EDUCARTE Congress in Chile. In 1996 he made an installation in New York at the Orenzanz Foundation. In Buenos Aires he exhibits in the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Decorative Art, Eduardo Sivorí Museum, Recoleta Cultural Center, General San Martín Cultural Center, Palais de Glace National Chambers, Art and Visual Communication Center and several private galleries. I work for the Hotel Forum in Brussels, Belgium performing installations in rooms 210 (Brussels 2000 theme), 312 (jazz theme) and 703 (dedicated to Duke Ellington). He exhibited at the Municipal Museum of the City of Paraná. He won the 2nd prize in the Design contest for the execution of the stained glass window of the Cathedral of La Plata. Since 1980 he has worked as a plastic teacher. He worked at St. Matthias Kollege, Tunsdorf, Germany and at the Schengen Europa Museum in Luxembourg in the Education Department. She is currently Supervisor of Plastic Education in the City of Buenos Aires. She is the Art Director of the World Peace Forum in Luxembourg. She is the author of the children's book collection "Amílcar and the artists".

Dr. Joan Abello Juanpere

DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in Catalan Philology (UB-Universitat de Barcelona), withdoctorate (degree) and in Humanities (UPF-UniversitatPompeuFabra, Barcelona) withdoctorate and doctoral thesis. International Doctor in Humanities (theory and aesthetics of the arts, Cum laude qualification) by UPF-UniversitatPompeuFabra, Barcelona. Diploma in Cultural Management and FundRaising (ESADE Business School, Barcelona). Critical of art and design, historical. He has collaboratedwithvarious art and design colleges and universities in Italy, the United States and Spain. He iscurrentlywith the IstitutoEuropeo di Design in Barcelona and the UniversitatPompeuFabra in Barcelona, ​​whereheco-chairedStudyDays on Contemporary Art. Director of the Reial Cercle Artístic of Barcelona and Director of the Institut CatalunyaÀfrica and Advisor to the Scientific Committee of the IstitutoEuropeo di Design in Barcelona. He has curatedvarious exhibitions and activitiesrelated to design and contemporary art. From the period of the historical avant-garde stand out, his participation in Futurismo&Futurismi, directed by Pontus Hulten (PalazzoGrassi, Venice 1986) to his collaboration in Picasso, the man of the thousandmasks (Barbier-Mueller Museum of Art Precolombí, Barcelona 2006). He collaborates, as a critic of art and design, in differentEuropean media, publishes a column of opinion in the magazine EL TEMPS. He has curatedhis last exhibitions for institutions, with: Casa Asia, Barcelona (Gaudí vist per la retinajaponesa, 11-XII-2002/19-I-2003) (Bosco Sodi: Formes delpictòric, 18-IV / 2008); National Museum of Art Reina Sofía, Madrid (Joan Rebull, 20 and 30, 30-IX-2003/19-I-2004); Museum Internazionale delle Arti ApplicateOggi, Turin (ScaccoMatto, 1-VI / 4-IX-2006 and Bosco Sodi: SpiritodellaMateria, 13-I / 11-2-2007); An exhibition project for La Pedrera de CatalunyaCaixa, Barcelona (2009); Fundació Palau, Caldes d'Estrac (The Col·lecció d'un poet, The Drawings of the Fundació Palau, 27-XI-2009/7-III-2010); Ministero de Gozzo, MGOZ-Malta  Antonio Perez Foundation, Cuenca / Museum of Graphic Art of San Clemente, Cuenca and Art Space Antonio Pérez-Centro San José, Guadalajara (Rosario Arizza: Fromlyricism in painting, V-VI-2010, 30-VII- X-2010 and XI-XII-2010); Museum of Art and History of Reus (Modest Gené, a sculptorbetweentwomons, 4-VI-2010/3-IV-2011); Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid (Federico Beltrán Massés, CosmopolitanCastizo / Cosmopolitanpainter, 18-V / 1-VII-2012); Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporani di Roma and Reial Cercle Artístic of Barcelona (HannuPalosuo: Obliterated memory, 15-III / 26-V-2013 and 4/30-IV-2013). And as a cocomisario: Picasso, in China. Works of the Italian and European collections (October 2015-January 2016, Shanghai), and 28-V / 8-VIII-2016, at Riverside Art Museum in Beijing  

Rose Marie Gnausch

German, from the Rheinland, Rosemarie is herself artist and the founder of the artistic movement Elephant for Peace, organizing and directing events like “From Berlin to Oswiecim – A work of reconciliation”. Actually art educator and senior lecturer, she started her path in the USA with the graduation at the City University of New York and a master of Philosophy in Art, working in the meanwhile as gallery lecturer and museum educator in the most outstanding museums of the state like Solomon Guggenheim, Metropolitan and Contemporary art center.

Dr. Michael Schäbitz

Dr. Michael Schäbitz, born in 1970. He studied History, Psychology and Philosophy at the Free University in Berlin and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and received his PhD in 2004 from the Technical University in Berlin. His dissertation ist entitled 'Juden in Sachsen – jüdische Sachsen? Emanzipation, Akkulturation und Integration 1700 bis 1914'. After two years as an academic assistant at the City Museum of Münster he has, since Spring 2006, worked as an independent historian, curator and organiser of exhibitions, i. e. „Das Heilige Land als Auftrag” (2005), „Doppelpässe - Wie die Deutschen die Mauer umspielten” (2006), „Keine Gewalt. 20 Jahre Friedliche Revolution” (2009), „The Picasso Story” (2009), „Gegenentwürfe. Der Prenzlauer Berg vor, während und nach dem Mauerfall” (2010), MenschMikrobe (2010), „Ästhetik und Politik. Deutsche Sportfotografie im Kalten Krieg” (2010), „ZOV Sportverräter. Spitzenathleten auf der Flucht” (2011), Museum im Paulus-Haus Jerusalem (2012/13), „Von der Bühne auf die Straße. Theater und Friedliche Revolution in der DDR” (2014), „Pankow als Motiv. Max Skladanowsky - Filmpionier und Fotograf” (2014), „Wechselseitig. Rück- und Zuwanderung in die DDR 1949 bis 1989” (2016).

directors board

CEO Managing Director and founder of MM International Holding S.A.
Mr. Muñoz joined BIL International Bank of Luxembourg in 1976 as a financial advisor.
In the 1990s, he contributed to the development of the first Russian/Eastern European offices in Luxembourg.
In 1997, Mr. Muñoz founded Fiduciaire Premier Luxembourg S.A. specializing in tax planning and accounting services.
Vice President of the Schengen Peace Foundation - Luxembourg.
Economist, Miguel Muñoz is also a member of the FIA (Financial Investment Advisor Spain).

Languages: Russian | Spanish | English | French | German | Italian | Luxemburgish

Alain Balanzategui, Fiduciary Services Mr. Balanzategui holds an engineering degree and a Master's degree in Management (ESSEC Business School).
He began his career in 1996 with the European banking group DEXIA BIL. After implementing the private banking strategy McKinsey, he joined the Private Banking Line and headed the VIP office of the International Private Banking department. In 2003, he joined Fiduciaire Premier Luxembourg S.A., specializing in financial engineering. Mr. Balanzategui is a member of AIF (Financial Investment Advisor Spain) and was a director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.

Languages: English | French | Spanish | German | Luxemburgish